ADHDKCTeen meetings are free and open to middle and high school students. We hold our meetings at the same time and either with or next to the parent group.

A diagnosis of ADHD is not required, since anyone can learn from the information provided. Who doesn’t want self improvement?

We ask all students who participate in our meetings and events to register as members each school year. This not only helps us keep in touch with those who are interested in our group, but also ensures that they see our behavior expectations and agree to the conditions set forth on the application form. We want everyone in attendance to feel secure that that others will not talk about things learned about specific individuals with others. This means no gossiping! We will remind everyone of this very important issue at each meeting!

The registration forms ask for both student and parent contact information so we can also help keep parents in the loop. We ask for zip code information so we can plan future meeting locations.

Get members-only benefits when you join our group!

Membership is open to all middle and high school students and their parents. It is free and only requires signing up! Membership will run for each school year and will need to be renewed each Fall.

Parents who have younger children with ADHD are also invited to join in anticipation that their children will one day be able to join.

There are two ways for middle and high school students to join:
  • Volunteer as a Teen Leader or general volunteer. You will be able to get service hours while you help strengthen our organization. See the sign up form for information about volunteering. You will also be signed up to receive our monthly newsletters and will be entitled to the members-only information.
  • Sign up to be a member. You will receive our monthly newsletters as well as members-only information.
Not ready or able to join, but want to stay in the loop?

Follow our blog by email to get our monthly newsletters. Use our pop up to sign up!

For parents…

Parents can sign up to get the newsletter to learn of all the chapter’s local events, including those for ADHDKCTeen on Simply put your email in the pop-up box on the parent site.

Parents are also encouraged to join CHADD.

Your CHADD membership offers you the opportunity to:
  • Meet and learn from local families experiencing similar ADHD challenges
  • Stay up-to-date on science-based ADHD treatment, interventions strategies and trends
  • Connect with professionals and specialists who treat ADHD
  • Gain knowledge and proven strategies with CHADD training programs
  • Receive subscriptions to CHADD publications: Attention magazine, ADHD In The NewsAttention weekly
  • Discounted pricing on CHADD events and trainings
  • Receive discounts on prescriptions with the CHADD Discount Advantage Programs

Be social!

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Nothing found on this site or learned at our meetings should be considered medical advice. For advice please speak with your doctor or therapist.