When and where to find events and meetings for ADHDKCTeen

ADHDKCTeen meetings are free and open to the public. A diagnosis of ADHD is not required, since anyone can learn from the information provided. Who doesn’t want self improvement?

local professionals:

We’re always looking for therapists, coaches, nutritionists, teachers, and other professionals who work with people with ADHD and the conditions commonly associated with it. If you want to help, just let us know!

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Upcoming Events

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We ask all teens who participate in our meetings and events to register as members each school year. This not only helps us keep in touch with those who are interested in our group, but also ensures that they see our behavior expectations and agree to the conditions set forth on the application form. We want everyone in attendance to feel secure that that others will not talk about things learned about specific individuals with others. This means no gossiping! We will remind everyone of this very important issue at each meeting.

May 7, 2019

May 7, 2019 Registered dieticians will talk about ADHD and nutrition.

Both students and parents will meet together again on Tuesday, May 7, 2019 because the topic is important for everyone.

Melissa Mereghetti and Nicole Jennison, both Registered Dieticians at Children’s Mercy, will talk about nutrition and ADHD.  Sign up here so we can put out a chair for you!

We do not offer babysitting, but parents sometimes bring younger children if they feel that they will not be disruptive. Please bring quiet activities for them to do independently. If they become disruptive, we respectfully ask that you remove them from the room.

Our teen leaders will lead an ice breaker game for anyone who wants to play from 6-6:30 pm. The meeting will run from 6:30 – 8 pm in the Community Center building at St. Joseph’s Medical Center (just off of I-435 and State Line). You can see this building from the highway. Enter the St. Joseph Medical Center campus, drive past the ER entrance and down the hill. Park in front of the building on the right (Community Center Building).

We appreciate your RSVP so we can arrange for seating!

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If you can’t make it…

If you cannot make it but are interested in getting online access, please fill out the Membership Agreement if you haven’t already. All members of our group receive a password to gain entry to our Member’s Only Page. All events that have been recorded will be posted to this page. 

Looking ahead…

The Chadd disclaimer prior to meetings:

Past Events

Video recordings of our past events may be found on our Member’s Only Page. See our Membership Page for details.

April 2, 2019

Paula Smith-Culp from ADDvantagekc and Jonathan Kindler, a local therapist at Serenity Life Resource Center, shared their journeys from childhood to adulthood living with ADHD and how they both came to help others with ADHD.

March 19, 2019

Our Senior Teen Leaders, Connor and Sarah, talked about their experiences living with ADHD. They shared some of the troubles they’ve overcome and what they’re still working on.

A follow up to a question: If you’re interested in learning more about 504 Plans and IEPs, check out

A recording of their talk is available on the Member’s Only Page for our members. If you’re not a member but want access, fill out our Membership Agreement on the Membership Page.

March 5, 2019 Meeting

Join us in March! Students get to see therapists from Great Oaks Counseling Center again and parents will learn about Parent Centered Interactive Therapy. #adhdkc #adhdkcteen

Lindsay Ryan and two of her interns from Great Oaks Counseling had us play some games and participate in discussions about what keeps us from getting tasks done and how to finish what we start with the ADHDKCTeen group (and their parents). One tool they discussed was the Promodoro Technique. Members can view the recording of the meeting on the Member’s Only Page.

Cindy Brennan from Healthy Roots Counseling talked to parents of young children about Parent Child Interaction Therapy. Stay tuned for some handouts and suggested links. MPACT, a Missouri resource for educational services was mentioned.

During the PCIT talk, a lot of Dr. Russell Barkley’s work and in particular his YouTube video was mentioned.

Also mentioned:

February 2019 Meeting

Natalie Bergman from Horizon Academy helped us identify what skills we need to live independently then shared tools to help us be successful in that transition. Parents joined the student group due to bad weather.

Natalie Bergman talked about Building Toward Independence - learning to live independently. #adhdkcteen

January 2019 Meeting

Our January meeting kicked the year off right with Lindsay and Michelle from Great Oaks Therapy. They lead our group through several activities to teach us about improving communication in families. This was recorded so that our members who were unable to attend can view it on our Member’s Only page. Membership is free, see our Membership page for details!

Lindsay and Michelle had several activities to help participants learn communication tips. #adhdkcteen #communication

December 2018 Meeting

ADHD Coach Diane McLean and her lovable lab, Digby, helped us prepare for some holiday baking by using a backwards planning technique. 

ADHD Coach Diane McLean and her lovable lab, Digby, helped us prepare for some holiday baking by using a backwards planning technique. #adhdkcteen

November 2018 Meeting

Rachel Nagy from Visionary Life Counseling and Gateway of Hope talked about mindfulness at “How Do I Get Stuff Done?”

Rachel Nagy showed her planner. She color coded the month, then realized she spent too much time organizing. Don’t let that be a means to procrastinate!

October 2018 Meeting

Psychologist Stella Fernandez and Kristin, an intern, discussed navigating friendships and peer relationships. 

Dr. Fernandez helped promote a lot of group interaction at the “Is it you, me, or my teen ADHD” talk on social skills.

September 2018 Meeting

Katherine Melton presented “Building a Resilient You” after our Teen Leaders lead everyone through several rounds of a fun game. We experienced technical difficulties with the online viewing so it is not available.

Before the speaker’s presentation we played a fun ice breaker – collecting clothespins without getting hit by the pool noodle. 

Summerfest 2018

We had a table at the KC Public School’s annual Summerfest! Sarah, Connor, and Anna helped answer questions and spread the word about our group.

Anna, Sarah, and Connor man our table at Summerfest 2018.
Anna, Sarah, and Connor man our table at Summerfest 2018.

Midwest ADHD Conference

A panel of 4 teens shared their experiences living with ADHD in this Q&A panel.
A panel of 4 teens shared their experiences living with ADHD in this Q&A panel. April 27, 2018
The Midwest ADHD Conference 2018 teen panel: Bryce, CJ, Cade, and Sarah. Moderated by Dr. Stuppy.
The teens did a fantastic job sharing their experiences living with ADHD.
CJ answers a teen panel question.
Sarah answers a question to the teen panel.
Bryce answers a question.
Our teen panel: Bryce, CJ, Cade, and Sarah. Moderated by Dr. Stuppy.
Our teen panel: Bryce, CJ, Cade, and Sarah. Moderated by Dr. Stuppy.
Cade answers a question posed to the teen panel.

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