ADHDKCTeen is a group for teens with ADHD who want to empower themselves by learning more about ADHD and Executive Functioning so they can gain independence and learn to thrive. #adhd #adhdkc

Welcome to ADHDKCTeen!

The ADHDKCTeen site will be permanently moved to ADHDKC.org soon!

Teens with ADHD must learn to navigate life and take ownership of their life. ADHDKCTeen is a group of teens who will help support one another in the journey to learn how to effectively manage issues related to ADHD with the assistance of local professionals.

ADHDKC will have regular events where teens with ADHD and professionals can come together to share tips and tricks on managing ADHD symptoms. Many of the events will be made available online for those who are unable to come to the live event.

We are a subgroup of the popular and award-winning ADHDKC.org local CHADD chapter.

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