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ADHDKCTeen is a group for teens with ADHD who want to empower themselves by learning more about ADHD and Executive Functioning so they can gain independence and learn to thrive. #adhd #adhdkc

The ADHDKCTeen site will be permanently moved to soon!

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CHADD – our national organization

We encourage parents to join CHADD. This helps to support our national organization. You will also have access to many additional resources with this membership.

ADHDKC – our local organization

Our parents are also encouraged to join by signing up in their pop up box. This is free and will register you for their newsletter, where you will learn about all of the KC Metro ADHDKC organization’s events.

You can even support ADHDKC with your donations so the group can continue to serve the KC area.

Resource List

We are often asked for recommendations for local professionals, such as therapists, coaches, and more.

We have a list of professionals but cannot recommend anyone in particular. Please talk with your physician, check with your insurance, and check the websites listed on our list to help make your decision. To access the resource list, click on this link.

Leaders needed!

Both teen leaders and professional volunteers are needed to make this group a success!

Learn more about teen leaders and find our application on our Help Wanted page.

Professional Volunteers

Our meetings and events will require adult professionals who can offer tips to our teens to help them become successful adults.

We have opportunities for ADHD Coaches, therapists, psychologists, yogi, and other professionals who have skills to help teens learn to manage their executive functioning and other ADHD related

If you’re a professional who would like to help our group, please see this SignUp or send a message to