ADHD Myth Busting

Week 4’s video to honor ADHD Awareness Month tackles common myths about ADHD.

Common Myths that are NOT True:

  • 1. ADHD is just bad behavior from poor parenting.
  • 2. If you can focus for a long time you don’t have ADHD.
  • 3. Eliminating sugar and eating clean will fix ADHD.
  • 4. People always outgrow ADHD.
  • 5. Successful people can’t have ADHD.
  • 6. Smart people can’t have ADHD.
  • 7. The medications to treat ADHD will lead to drug abuse.
  • 8. ADHD is just an excuse for laziness. They should just try harder.


Did you miss the first 3 weeks?

Author: Kristen

Dr. Kristen Stuppy is a pediatrician who is passionate about sharing information to help others make informed decisions. She has a special interest in ADHD and has served on the board for since it began in 2012.

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